We are a Ministry that networks with other Ministries and Agencies to assist in the betterment of individuals, couples, families and communities - one heart at a time.

Don't Let Unhealthy Habits And Behaviour Control Your Life

Here Is What You'll Receive From The Healing Tree
You will meet for a one on one session with a trained Transformational Coach.
Follow-up, with the responsibility to be accountable for personal behaviour and actions regarding the issues that have or are being addressed.
You will see lasting results and changes to move forward in life.
Don't Ignore Your Unhealthy Habits
If You Fit Into One Of These Categories, We Can Help You
  • Anyone seeking to find relief, freedom and healing from issues in their lives that have become habits in order to cope.
  • Anyone who has come to the point of desperation, recognizing that they no longer want to respond and relate in ways that are destructive to themselves and others.
  • Anyone looking for insight and understanding as to a means of direction for their unhealthy lifestyle choices and relationships.
What Can We Help You Accomplish?

When full responsibility is taken and followed through on a consistent basis, there will be lasting results and changes to move forward in life. Old unhealthy behavior and habits will no longer have control in that individuals life.

Accountability will be expected for a season to encourage, support and strengthen the individual or couple.

Learn About What We Do
Don't Miss The Opportunity To Live The Life You've Been Waiting For

Allow us to guide you in the right direction in regards to your unhealthy habits and lifestyle choices.

If the Guidance and Counsel given is not adhered to, unfortunately the issues at hand will persist, and our time together would have been to no avail.

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